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Located in Germany, we are wholesale suppliers of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Our experience, passion, and geographical position allow us to trade with both Western and Eastern European countries. Firmly settled on establishing long-term business relationships with our clientele, we forge each dynamic based on reliability and mutual trust. Being the leading supplier and distributor of Ferrero Rocher chocolate in bulk, our clients get to gain from our cost-effective distribution channels. Made in Germany, we source the finest Ferrero Rocher chocolate for our entire client portfolio. We stock and supply Ferrero Rondnoir, Ferrero Rocher & Raffaello to retailers through a seamless process.

Most of our clients wonder, ‘how much are Ferrero Rocher chocolates for?’ Intent on providing them an affordable price range, we offer them the best route for supply. If our clients are wondering, ‘how are Ferrero Rocher chocolates made?’ they can rest assured each chocolate piece is blended beautifully with chocolate hazelnut cream, delicate crisp wafer, and delicately chopped hazelnuts. Keeping everything efficient, our clients get to benefit from our streamlined ordering process. Hazelnut Fabrik believes in enhancing our client’s experience, which is why we give them access to a wide range of chocolate offered by Ferrero. A market leader in Germany, we satisfy our clients ‘where can I buy Ferrero Rocher in bulk?’ need.

Suppliers of Original Ferrero Rocher Products Based In Germany

We, at Hazelnut Fabrik, are always available to listen, provide information, and advise our client. Whether our client is a veteran or a new retailer, we are ready to accommodate orders of varying capacities. Giving our clients the ultimate chocolate experience, we make sure each order is packed and shipped in an appropriate manner.

We are familiar with the fast-paced dynamics of the chocolate industry. Drawing from our experience, we ensure our client’s data is protected and that they receive 100% genuine products. Each of our products is stored in a cooled warehouse, which is operated using the latest technology. Our philosophy believes in giving each client our undivided attention. Thus, if our client places a Ferrero Rocher white chocolates order for Costco, our sales manager ensures they are given value for the price they pay.   

Ferrero Rocher bulk buy supply is the main strength of Hazelnut Fabrik. Built through years of understanding the shifting market trends and knowing exactly what our clientele expects from a Ferrero chocolate supplier, we consistently innovate our processes.