Nutella Products

Buy Nutella Products through Hazelnut Fabrik

Packed with the goodness of high-quality cocoa and hazelnuts, Nutella is one of the most used breakfast spread brands across the globe. With our headquarters stationed in Germany, we use our favorable geographical position to our advantage. We have strong supply links with both Western & East European countries for the supply of Nutella products. Our service quality believes in keeping our clients satisfied and in providing value for the price they pay. We at, Hazelnut Fabrik source our Nutella from the leading producers, giving our clients a premium-quality product. Veterans of the industry, we can fulfill orders of both small and large scales. Stored in our cool warehouse, packaged safely, and supplied in a timely manner, we help our clients fulfill their client’s requirements.     

Common for our clients to wonder, ‘what is Nutella made of?’ or ‘where is Nutella from?’ Hazelnut Fabrik can help respond to all of their queries. The ingredients in Nutella are sugar, palm oil, skim milk, cocoa, hazelnut, soy, and vanillin (artificial flavor). Sourced from producers using the finest ingredients, we ensure our clients gain from the experience and competence we’ve gathered from our years of operating within the industry. Seeking a reliable Nutella distribution channel, we give our clients a supply route that is streamlined for their business’s ‘where to buy Nutella products in wholesale?’ need.

A Reliable Supplier of Nutella Hazelnut Spread

We’ve been supplying to retailers and distributors both locally and internationally, leading us to fulfill our client’s ‘where to buy Nutella?’ need. Hazelnut Fabrik has built its foundation based on mutual trust and reliability, factors that are very close to the core of our brand philosophy. Introduced in 1964, we supply Ferrero’s leading brand to our valued clientele at an affordable price. Keenly aware of the industry, we’re familiar with the shifting trends of the industry. Offering an unbeatable and unique taste, our wholesale Nutella supplies service gives our clients the best service at the best price. Consumed in several ways, Nutella is a fast-moving consumer good. Thus, we help replenish Nutella stocks of our clients in short turnaround time.

If what our clients have been unable to find is a trustworthy Nutella original hazelnut spread supplier, we can help bridge this gap. Committed to benefiting their business model, we specialize in procuring globally-recognized Nutella products at a competitive price. So, if our clients have bulk order requirements for all Nutella products, reaching out to our Nutella wholesale service can help them receive their orders in an efficient, seamless manner.